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A practical guide


The Islands Of Tahiti

Travelling to French Polynesia… A feasible dream? Where to start?… Tahiti Nui Travel offers this handy guide to help you organise this marvellous journey and to give life to your desire of paradise … the key to an incredible and memorable stay in our islands is in the preparation and this guide is a useful tool for that.



Nice beaches Its inhabitants live off the agriculture thanks to a large coastal plain where food and horticulture are produced (potatoes, carrots, [...]



Local products highlighted Polynesians are also gourmets for whom everything deserves to be celebrated by a good “ma'a” (meal). Spit-roast veal wit [...]



Beach and lagoon in Bora Bora For beach or sea activities...Don’t forget your swimsuits, your hats, sailing shoes, flip-flops for the beach, sun an [...]