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French Polynesian customs regulations: All goods transported to Polynesia must be declared on arrival. It may be necessary to pay duties and taxes corresponding to the customs office.

However, the goods quoted in the list below are exempt:


  • Cigarettes – 200 units
  • Cigarillos – 100 units
  • Tobacco – 250g


  • Wines – 2L
  • More than 22% liquors – 2L
  • Less than 22% liquors – 2L


  • Perfumes – 50g
  • Eaux de toilette – 25cl

Coffe & Tea

  • Coffee – 500g
  • Coffee extract and essence – 200g
  • Tea – 100g
  • Tea extract and essence 40g


  • Per Traveller 15yo and above – 30 000XPF
  • Per traveller under 15yo – 15 000XPF

Any person under 17 years old can’t import tobacco nor alcoholic drinks.

Moreover, the amounts indicated above cannot be cumulated by various people, even for the same item.

If several articles are imported, those whose cumulated value does not exceed the amount indicated in the list above will be exempt of custom duties.

For the transport (entering and leaving) of sums, titles or values of an amount equal or higher than 10 000€, you have to deposit a declaration with the local customs. Included in “sums, titles and values” are: cash, any kind of cheques, travellers’ cheques, bearer and negotiable debt security, transferable securities, gold ingots and quoted gold coins.

For any usual objects, such as cameras which are brought to French Polynesia including: cameras, tape recorders, radios, Ipads, etc, it is strongly advised to provide documents proving their regular situation (purchase invoice, receipts customs, free circulation card).

Caution: you are informed that it is strictly prohibited to import, to export or simply to have counterfeit products. You would have a heavy fine at customs. These penalties can go from the confiscation of the goods or a very strong fine, up to legal proceedings leading to imprisonment.

Welcome in Polynesia

Welcome in Polynesia