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Project Description

The Birds Island

Aerial view of Tetiaroa, Marlon Brando's island

Tetiaroa – the only atoll of the Wind Islands, is in the north of Tahiti and is composed of 12 Motu (islets) surrounding a protected lagoon.

Well known for its sanctuary of thousands of seabirds, Tetiaroa is a real haven of peace.

Many archaeological sites have been discovered there such as Marae (ancient sacred open air temples) and Paepae (platforms).

Diving at Tetiaroa is exquisite thanks to its extraordinary marine flora and animal-life.

Indeed, this marvellous marine site which is up to 30 meters deep has majestic coral gardens where fish and seashells of all species live together.

Beautiful strolls on the beach with an incomparable serenity punctuate this tranquillity.

Since 2004 it is only possible to get to this terrestrial paradise by catamaran.

The Brando, an eco-friendly luxury hotel opened in 2014.

Aerial view of The Brando Resort