What to pack for vacation in French Polynesia?

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Beach and lagoon in Bora Bora

Beach and lagoon in Bora Bora

For beach or sea activities…Don’t forget your swimsuits, your hats, sailing shoes, flip-flops for the beach, sun and after-sun cream, and your sunglasses.

It is also possible to buy at a market or in a store a beautiful pareo which will fit very well around the woman’s waist.


Randonnée du Mont Temehani à Raiatea

Hiking on the Mount Temehani in Raiatea

For mountain or valley excursions...Pack walking shoes. It is also possible to find plastic sandals in Tahiti and on some islands. Although they aren’t very charming especially when worn with socks in order to avoid blisters, they are quite practical to walk in rivers, on rocky paths, etc.

Often ordinary trainers are not suitable to mountainous island grounds and it would be a shame to hurt yourself if you slip during your stay.

Clothes wise, it is advisable to take sport shorts and tee-shirts which once wet will not be too heavy. Moreover, you should avoid catching cold. A small towel from your room will be quite useful.

A walk in Papeete

A walk in Papeete

For downtown walks…In order for you to remain relaxed, take dresses for women and shorts and tee-shirts for men.

Also pick a pair of light shoes, or even flip-flops.

For dining out…Evenings are cool in our islands, and we advise you to bring at least a sweater. If you are to have dinner in a gourmet restaurant, dress accordingly.

Otherwise, a jumpsuit or a dress for women, and light pants and a shirt will be perfectly appropriate for men.

All in all, the main thing to remember is to bring light clothes for the day and a sweater for the cool evenings and mornings.

This is the only clothing advice that you need. You need to pack according to your taste.

Regarding electronic devices, accommodation in Tahiti and Her Islands are equipped with 110 or 220 volts.

Don’t forget to check at the reception desk or with the manager if it is not specified in your room.

Moreover, the weight and the amount of luggage are regulated by the airline company that you have chosen to come to French Polynesia.