The Marquesas Archipelago

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The mystical Marquesas

The Marquesas – terrestrial paradise par excellence have islands all more attractive from one to the other.

Wonderful views on the ocean

Wonderful views on the ocean

The Land of Men or Enua Enata or Henua Enana in Marquesian offers landscapes whose beauty is beyond words. One foot posed on the Marquesas and it is the beginning of an unforgettable voyage, which will remain in your memory ad vitam eternam.

The Marquesian archipelago gets its name from the adventures of the Spanish navigator Alvaro de Mendaña of Neira, who came in July 21st, 1595 on the island of Fatu Hiva. He thus baptized the archipelago in honour of the Vice King of Perus’ wife, “the Marquesas Islands of Don Garcia Hurtato of Mendoza”.

Starting point of migration towards the other archipelagos and islands in the Polynesian triangle, the Marquesas Islands represent the cradle of the Ma’ohi (Polynesian) civilization. The archipelago has kept several imposing relics and enduring traditions.

On all the Marquesian islands, Tiki (personification of divinities and heroes), Marae (ancient open air sacred temples) known as Mea’e in Marquesian and other important sites represent essential components of the history of these majestic islands.

The Marquesas reveal their beauty and transport their visitors in a voyage out of time. Discover these treasures at the end of the world !