The Tuamotu Archipelago

The Tuamotu Archipelago 2018-01-26T01:39:17+00:00

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The Tuamotu gems


Located to the East of Tahiti, Tuamotu whose name means “offshore islands” is composed of 78 atolls trapped inside their lagoon by a coral reef. The most visited atolls are Rangiroa, Tikehau and Fakarava. This archipelago has 900 km ² of emerging land in total. The Tuamotu, like the majority of the Polynesian islands, have a tropical climate all year round.

The flora of these islands is not very diversified because of the coral which only allows subsistence agriculture. However, vanilla is somewhat farmed. The main cultures are yams, Taro, Uru (fruit of the breadfruit tree), and other tropical fruits.

As for the terrestrial fauna of Tuamotu, there are birds, insects and some reptiles. However, the marine fauna has many treasures. The black pearl farming is also very common in the lagoon.