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Bora Bora et ses magnifiques hôtels

Bora Bora et ses magnifiques hôtels

Payment methods in French Polynesia



Tahiti and Her Islands’ monetary unit is the French Franc Pacific (CFP). 1 Euro = 119,332 CFP (fixed foreign exchange rate).

Our local currency consists of notes (500 CPF/1000 CFP/5000 CFP/10 000 CFP) and coins (1 CFP/2 CFP/5 CPF/10 CFP/20 CFP/50 CFP/100 CPF).

Exchange in French Polynesia


For any international currency and/or travellers’ checks exchange, foreign exchange offices are located at the Tahiti-Faa’a international airport in the arrival and departure halls. There is also an office in Papeete, at the pier “Quai des Paquebots”, open from 8:45 to 16:45 from Monday to Sunday, except Tuesday. International hotels also provide this type of service.

The Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa

The Conrad Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa

In addition, the 3 banks with exchange offices in Tahiti and some islands are the Bank of Polynesia (subsidiary of the Société Générale), the Bank of Tahiti (subsidiary of Group BPCE) and the Bank Socredo (subsidiary company of BNP). They are all established in the islands, but the Socredo Bank is the most present. However, some islands from the Tuamotu, the Gambier, the Austral and the Marquesas archipelagos are not equipped with banking agencies.

Beware of exchange commissions differing on the one hand with cash and travellers’ checks, and on the other hand from one bank to another. These commissions can go up to 11 Euros in some banks of Tahiti (this amount is likely to increase on other islands). As commissions are applied to each exchange transaction, we advise you to change your money all at once. However, the exchange can be limited to a maximum of 500 Euros per bank.
Do not forget your passport when you are at the customs as copies will not automatically be accepted.

Travellers’ checks are accepted by some institutions, as well as some currencies like the American dollar.


P.O. 530 – 98713 Papeete – Tahiti
Tel.: (689) / Fax: (689)

P.O. 1602 – 98713 Papeete – Tahiti
Tel.: (689) / Fax: (689)

P.O. 130 – 98713 Papeete – Tahiti
Tel.: (689) / Fax: (689)

Des occasions à célébrer

Des occasions à célébrer

Prefer the use of your credit card

You should use a credit card in French Polynesia. The ones that are accepted on our main islands are American Express, Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, etc. However, only cash will be accepted in Tubuai, Ua Pou, Mangareva, or on other small islands.

As a minimum amount of purchase is imposed by some structures for credit card use, it will always be good to have a little cash handy.

Though ATM’s are available on islands like Tahiti, Moorea or Bora Bora; you might not find them on other islands.

Moreover, you should ask your finance company for a high limitation, because at ATM’s you can only withdraw 300 Euros per week.

In order not to find yourself without any money, it is strongly advised to take the necessary precautions.