The Austral Archipelago

Between lands and traditions

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Landscape of Rurutu

Landscape of Rurutu

The Polynesians came quite late to this archipelago; the Australes Islands nevertheless have innumerable treasures.

Located in the South Pacific far away from the main maritime routes, it is composed of 5 principal high islands of which Rurutu, Tubuai, Rimatara and Raivavae.

They have fertile plains because of their climate which is cooler than that of Tahiti.

Serenity in Tubuai

Serenity in Tubuai

These marvellous islands have preserved their environment and traditions thanks to their distance.

Authentic and serene, they make everyone happy. A land of lush nature, crystalline lagoons and authenticity; the Australes Islands gives travellers a holiday out of time.
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