The Polynesian Hospitality

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The Polynesian Hospitality – A Local Tradition


Iaorana i Tahiti

Iaorana i Tahiti

« Ia Ora Na » « Maeva » e « Manava » are the three words used to welcome visitors.

The Captain Samuel Wallis was welcomed with banana tree leaves as a sign of friendship and peace.
His successors haven’t ceased to praise the kindness of these people whose “men are of great stature, and women of tremendous beauty”.
The legendary warm welcome given by the Polynesians has not changed over the years.

Today each visitor who sets foot on these islands is charmed by the welcome given to him/her.

As soon as you arrive in Papeete, you are offered a Tiare Tahiti flower – emblem of Tahiti and Her Islands, while the sound of guitars, ukulele and drums ring out. Sometimes a typically local instrument can accompany the melody: a virgin dustbin which is used as a musical instrument.

As you leave customs, you are given a perfumed and multicoloured flower lei worn as a neckalce. This means “Welcome to Tahiti !”

The smile of the “locals” is contagious, and their love of life is exalted.
You just begin to realise you are in a true Paradise!
Some people come back just to relive this first emotion.

The Polynesian flowered welcome

The Polynesian flowered welcome