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Virtuoso Recommended Tours

Tahiti Nui Travel has selected the most interesting and thrilling tours in The Islands Of Tahiti for you to enhance your stay.


Enjoy the Beauty of the Majestic Island…
Tahiti – capital of French Polynesia, is more than just a stopover to other islands. It is the symbol of a society mingled with modernity and traditions kept in the depth of its abundant valleys and mountains. Take a tour to discover the remains of a time when our ancestors used to observe the stars to guide them in their life.



Explore the Treasures of the Sister Island…
The beautiful Moorea is a genuine haven for all the inhabitants of Tahiti questing for some tranquility, rest, and merely exile. Its enchanting landscapes will ravish your senses. Moreover, its historical sites will count you the story of former Polynesians – their habits, their culture and their speciifc state of mind.


Bora Bora

Get into the Wonderful Pearl of the Pacific…
Awarded the title of “the best island in the world” by U.S. News, Bora Bora will take you to a blessed quixotic world. This majestic half island and half atoll set like a queen surrounded by her subjects gives you ways of taking full advantage of its worldwide renowned beauty and charm.



Experience the Polynesian Garden of Eden…
The “island of women” par excellence is enthraling by its wild and lush vegetation, its small coves sheltered and its thousand coloured lagoon. You will be delighted by its most beautiful white sand beach in the South, its splendid flowered pathways which lead to vanilla plantations, etc. This rebel island will lure you in with its legendary purity.



Feel the “Mana” of the Unspoilt Vanilla Island…
Taha’a share its lagoon with its sister island Raiatea. Twice smaller than the Sacred Island, Taha’a has nevertheless an ancient charm and the authenticity of the olden days. Take the time to learn more about the precious black gold of Polynesia – the vanilla, and its special virtues from its growth to its several uses.



The Immense Sky of the Tuamotu Welcomes You…
You will be fascinated by the fauna and the flora of this remote white sandy island set on a lagoon enclosing thousands of incredible marine treasures. Standing as the second largest atoll in the world judging from the surface of its lagoon, Rangiroa has been classified by Captain Cousteau as the most beautiful and richest site in the world.



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