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Project Description

Virtuoso Themed Travel Packages

The Islands Of Tahiti are more than just a simple destination. This tropical exotic location nestled in the South Pacific far away from the main continents reveals several experiences that one should live at least once in his life.
As an expert, Tahiti Nui Travel has highlighted various themed travels for our guests to explore our marvelous islands.


Take your heart to magical Polynesia for a memorable pleasure for two.
Among the Best Islands in the World, Bora Bora will offer you a most idyllic setting for a romantic escape. Rejuvenate your enamored souls in stylish and refined resort.


Please find here a Honeymoon itinerary sample.

Family Journey

Surrounded by crystal clear lagoon, our islands welcome you for an unforgettable family journey. You will find here the ideal places for wondrous family moments with your loved ones.


Please find here a Family Journey itinerary sample.

Bora Bora Experience

Discover one of the world’s most beautiful havens: Tahiti and Her Islands. Enjoy the beauty of Bora Bora – the Pearl of the South Pacific while indulging with a retreat on a bungalow-over-the-water.


Please find here a Bora Bora Experience itinerary sample.

Leisure Luxury

Delight a sweet escape within our marvelous islands. Their warmth and nature will take you to another world of peace and serenity. Far from all the stress of your everyday life, you will be living a relieving Polynesian jaunt.


Please find here a Leisure Luxury itinerary sample.

Milestone Celebration

Enjoy the immaculate beauty of our ilands for your Milestone event. Polynesian authenticity and sophistication are gathered at our resorts  nestled on their preserved islet for a memorable and an exhilarating getaway.


Please find here a Milestone Celebration itinerary sample.

Pre & Post Getaway

After a cruise along the shores of the beautiful Islands of Polynesia, settle for up to 4 nights in Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora or Taha’a and simply enjoy a sensorial escape: breathtaking views, fantastic restaurants, beautiful sightseeings, etc.


Please find here a Pre & Post Getaway itinerary sample.

Babymoon Celebration

Before the birth of your beloved child/children, give yourself the gift of an astounding journey in Bora Bora soothed by its pristine crystal clear lagoon. Our fantastic resorts will welcome and gently treat you for the most wonderful of expectant parents’ waiting periods.


Please find here a Babymoon Celebration itinerary sample.


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