Meet Christine Isnard Marketing Agent

Meet Christine Isnard Marketing Agent

Christine Isnard

Marketing Agent

Christine has been working for Tahiti Nui Travel for 14 years.

What is your job?

I am taking care of the back office within the marketing department.

What is your “heart” island?

I am native from the atoll of Manihi which is located in the Tuamotu archipelago, 500 kilometers at the northeast of Tahiti. This is where I was born and I am going back on vacation whenever I have the opportunity. I still have a large part of my family there and it is always a great pleasure to be able to spend time with them and to be back in touch with my roots, even for the time of a weekend. Plus everyone knows each other (less than 700 inhabitants) and the atmosphere is really nice, it’s friendly, like in a small village!

For me Manihi is unique and I am deeply proud that I was born on this small island of paradise. This is in fact on this atoll that the first pearl farm of Polynesia was built therefore it is where the famous «black pearl of Tahiti» comes from. The cultivation of black pearls is the main activity in Manihi, although it has become less intense in recent years, it is still important for the inhabitants of the island.

Manihi is not a very touristic island however it is still possible to visit it because it has an airport (three flights a week) and several guest houses.  If you want to have an experience “off the beaten track” in French Polynesia, be out of touch and in communion with nature, do not hesitate to come and discover this little piece of paradise that guarantees you an unforgettable experience!

Any advice before going to Manihi?                                                               

You have to book your stay in Manihi well in advance because like all the smaller, less well-known and more remote islands, there are no flights every day and the capacity of rooms in guest houses is very limited.

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