Tickets and formalities

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Ready to go

Ready to go

As the departure approaches it is time to check that all the necessary reservations are ready so that your stay in Polynesia goes as smooth as possible.

Here is a non exhaustive list of the absolutely necessary elements to keep in a strategic place so that you will not forget anything :

  • Your international airline ticket(s) and precise flight plan
  • Your accommodation(s) booking(s)
  • Your excursion(s) booking(s)
  • Your contact(s) in French Polynesia
  • Your rental car booking
  • Your inter-islands airline booking(s)

Here are some useful pieces of information :

  • Tahiti and Her Islands are accessible by plane through airline companies such as Air France, Air Tahiti Nui, Air New Zealand, Hawaiian Airlines, Lan Chile and Qantas which supply direct or indirect flights from various cities in the world such as Paris, London, Milan, Madrid, Frankfurt, Budapest, Brussels, Zurich, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Moscow, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, Auckland, Chile, Sydney and Tokyo.
  • Tahiti and Her Islands are at GMT -10, and the main jetlag times are the following :
    – Paris : 11 hours in winter and 12 hours during summer-time
    – Los Angeles : 03 hours
    – New York : 06 hours
    – Tokyo : 19 hours
    – Auckland : 23 hours
Tahiti & Her Islands in the world

Tahiti & Her Islands in the world

Regarding the entry formalities, here are some essential points :

  • Check the validity of each passport. Every French national, adult, child or baby must have a biometric passport or a non-biometric one delivered before October 26th, 2005 that is valid 6 months after the return date. If transiting via the United States of America, every child must have its own passport.
  • For any transit via the United States, the nationals from countries who have signed the Visa Waiver Program must fill in the online ESTA trip authorisation at least 72 hours before their departure. Every passenger must fill one in, be they adult, child or baby.
    This authorisation is not mandatory for American nationals going to the United States with their American passport.
Getting ready for a wonderful journey

Getting ready for a wonderful journey