A Family Picnic on a Motu

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A Family Picnic on a Motu (white sand islet)


Family stroll on a Motu (white sand islet)

Family stroll on a Motu (white sand islet)

Several hotel structures of Tahiti and Herlands, and in particular those of Bora Bora are built on a Motu, white sand islets of different sizes in a Polynesian lagoon.

Various sizes, lived on or deserted, these Motu (white sand islets) all have one thing in common – they are isolated. Thus, these coral sand islets give you a complete change of scene and offer relaxation and serenity in an idyllic setting.

Going on a lagoon boat trip to one of these Motu (white sand islets) and having a picnic is an excellent way of making the most of a family trip in Tahiti and Her Islands.

Various companies offer this splendid experience with several options.

Your guide will welcome you on board a boat or a motored canoe, and he will take you around the lagoon while telling or singing to you about Polynesian legends … You will stop off at different spots where you will be able to go snorkelling and enjoy the under sea wonders: nice fauna and colourful fish in their coral garden, inoffensive sharks and ray fish… in crystalline warm water where the shades of turquoise of the lagoon blend into the blue of the sky.

Pure happiness in family

Pure happiness in family

Once you get to the Motu (white sand islet), you will enjoy the hot white sand, a walk around the Motu or a dip in the calm and transparent water… then when the sun is at its highest it will be time to taste the delicious Polynesian delicacies prepared by your guide, such as the famous raw fish with coconut milk, taro, fei and roast fish and tropical fruit…

A little nap in the shade of the coconut palm trees or a refreshing dip in the lagoon’s turquoise water before taking the boat back to your hotel…serene, resourced and deeply happy to have had the privilege to live this heavenly Polynesian experience.