The cost of living in French Polynesia

The cost of living in French Polynesia 2018-01-12T10:50:24+00:00

Project Description

Understand the cost of living in Tahiti and Her Islands with some indication of prices charged in Tahiti.

Due to the distance from the main continents and a specific direct tax mode, the cost of living is high in The Islands Of Tahiti.

Convenience goods are primarily imported from the United States, Australia, New Zealand or from China.

Local agriculture or Polynesian craft industry goods are also expensive because of the labour cost and the scarcity of some natural products.

However, as the Polynesian Government bears the costs of freight between islands, importation taxes and VAT and convenience goods are sold at the same price on the majority of islands.

Some indication of prices charged in Tahiti.

Product Price in XPF Price in €
1 baguette 53 0,44
Orange juice (2L) 445 3,73
Chocolate spread (350g) 360 3,02
Spaghettis (250g) 130 1,09
Sunflower oil (1 L) 174 1,46
Fresh tomatoes (1 Kg) 496 4,16
Potatoes (1 Kg) 140 1,17
Fruit yoghurts (4×125 ml) 495 4,15

Each price on these articles and in a restaurant includes taxes. (updated in 2017)

The 3 rates of the value added tax (VAT) in French Polynesia

Communal tax to be paid on spot

Hotel Trade Taxes

Hotel trade is taxed at 10% including a governmental tax of 5% and 5% VAT.