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Emblem of the Gambiers

Mangareva – emblem of the Gambiers 2018-01-26T01:55:45+00:00

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Landscape of Mangareva

Landscape of Mangareva

The island of Mangareva (floating mountain) is surrounded by a coral reef and possesses a splendid series of summits.

Mangareva offers a very pleasant climate which is favourable to the cultivation of coffee, oranges, water melons, litchis, etc. Temperatures can reach 12°C in July .

Mangareva has a thousand-colour lagoon, famous for its quality plankton and exploitation of its genuine perfect beautiful black pearls.

View from the family house Bianca & Benoit

View from the family house Bianca & Benoit

No hotel chain or small hotel is established in this part of the area, thus enabling a direct contact with the inhabitants called in the local dialect “Ma’areva”.

A charming family hotel “At Bianca’s & Benoît’s” located high up, offers a wonderful view of Rikitea, Gambiers’ administrative centre, of the bay and some pearl farms.

The host, Benoît likes to share his passion for his island. He will also suggest you a “Rau” fishing party, an ancestral method very rarely practised nowadays, and of which he is one of the last masters.

The altar decorated with pearls and mother-of-pearl

The altar decorated with pearls and mother-of-pearl

To merge with nature, Mangareva offers marked out paths for solo or group excursions. The amateurs of deepsea fishing or even line fishing will be in heaven.

The Saint-Michel cathedral in Rikitea, a majestic monument to be visited – was built in the middle of the 19th century from coral blocks. This church’s wonder lies in its altar, true masterpiece richly decorated with pearls and mother-of-pearl.

The Gambiers are under their best auspices during April and March thanks to a glossy sea, a radiant sun, and all that it is necessary for an unforgettable stay fill of memories and unique in emotions.