Moorea, 2 quality tours to discover in 2016 on the Sister Island!

Moorea, 2 quality tours to discover in 2016 on the Sister Island!

2016 has barely begun and it has already brought with it a batch of new things. On the agenda are 2 new land tours offered by a passionate Polynesian guide (always trekking in search of enchanting little spots and ruins, they call her “the goat”).

Available in our Polynesian Experiences range:

  • Hiking Getaway at Afareaitu’s Waterfalls (moderate level) – Half Day.
  • Nature & Culture in Moorea – Half Day / 4WD & Walking Tour.

Woman looking at Waterfalls in MooreaThe first tour will take you to the beautiful natural site of the Afareaitu Valley. It’s a beautiful hiking getaway in the trees to discover the local plant life that grows here. On the way, you will encounter many ruins of Polynesian inhabitations. Your guide will recount the legends surrounding the Afareaitu Valley, explaining the ways and customs of the first inhabitants, and taking you on the trails to the natural swimming pools, where you will enjoy a refreshing dip. A lovely half day to discover Moorea in a different way. This moderate-difficulty hike is aimed at visitors in good physical condition.

Photo of a Marae in MooreaThe 2nd tour, less physically demanding, combines walking and visits with a comfortable minivan, stops at major sites and preserved natural areas: the famous Belvédère Lookout, overlooking Cook and Opunohu bays, the pineapple fields and vanilla plantations, where you will discover delicious flavors at the fruit juice factory, and the archaeological remnants of the first inhabitants. Then, you will explore the magnificent Opunohu valley, with its luxurious vegetation and rivers bordered with natural swimming pools. Finish the tour on the beach at Mareto, to enjoy some delicious tropical fruits, while your guide tells you ancient and modern tales of Moorea.

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