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The Islands Of Tahiti?

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Our philosophy lies in the unrivaled beauty of Tahiti and its islands.

Polynesia is home to 118 islands, warm and welcoming locals, unique scenery and age-old culture. This wealth and variety requires a depth of knowledge which we have been developing since our creation in 1965.

We have exclusive features to help you sell Polynesia

  • Competitive purchase prices and the best special offers
  • The widest variety of rooms at each destination
  • Exceptional marketing expertise about the destination and your market
  • Excellent scope for negotiation with all our local partners

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  • Up-to-date and detailed information about all our products (fact sheets)
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  • Accommodation options: online hotel allocation and availability
  • A quotation and online reservation tool with immediate confirmation

We also have host-to-host XML interfaces providing the same services plus data feeding options.

We make it a point of honor to pursue excellence in our professionalism, our accuracy and our reactivity towards all of our partners’ requests.

Being the leading inbound travel agency of The Islands Of Tahiti pushes us to follow up our quest of improvement in the quality of services we provide.

We are constantly seeking for exclusiveness either in our products ranges as well as in our tools.



Photo the ladies from the FIT team at Tahiti Nui Travel