The Majestics

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Holidays in Polynesia begin in Tahiti. Indeed, it is the only island of this destination that has an international airport – built in 1960. The major part of the Polynesian economic activity is concentrated in Papeete – the capital of Tahiti. Its famous market is a must.

This island named “New Cythera” by Bougainville has a very marked duality between modernity and tradition. The more you get into its luxurious valleys the more remarkable this duality is. Tahiti has a wonderful charm, in its rivers, its waterfalls, its valleys and its mountains.

A thrilling nature


Tahiti has the highest summit in Polynesia – the mount Orohena which offers splendid hiking opportunities, organised by professionals fond of the Polynesian nature.

The marvellous Three Waterfalls of Tiarei, the splendid Vaihiria Lake reveal all the beauty of Tahiti.

The valley of Papeno’o, the largest on the island and therefore of Polynesia also has to be seen. It has many natural treasures such as the Vaitu’oru river and many incredible waterfalls.

You will also appreciate the excursions which will lead you to Te Pari, natural specificity of Tahiti Peninsula.

The gardens of Vaipahi and of Harrison Smith, accessible by car, reveal the various botanical assets of the island.

Looking for nautical activities or just some moments to relax? Tahiti has several beaches, of which the most known is the Venus Point with its black sand and its pleasant walks.

Tahiti also offers you the opportunity to admire the whales and their calves as they travel through our Polynesian waters from July to October every year.



Historical treasures


Several sites make it possible for Tahitian history to persist such as the Marae Arahurahu, an altar dedicated to ancestral divinities.

For several years, the valley of Papeno’o has been the object of many archaeological excavations and restorations. You may discover several relics such as some Marae (sacred open air temples), habitation and agricultural culture sites.

The house of James Norman Hall – the famous author of “Mutiny on the Bounty” – has been transformed into a museum to welcome literature lovers.

The legendary Paul Gauguin museum inaugurated in 1965 gives us a real chronological reference mark of the painter’s hectic life thanks to various exhibitions.

The museum of Tahiti and Her Islands reveals the singular history of Polynesia – past and present.

The museum of the Tahitian black pearl inaugurated in 1998 traces in a unique way the history of this black gold, evoking arts, legends and pearl farming techniques.

Full of surprises, Tahiti will give you a glimpse of what Polynesia has to offer…