The natural treasures of Nuku Hiva

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Project Description

The pedestrian discovery of the Valley of Hakaui

This wonderful hiking starts with a boat crossing in order to reach the fantastic bay of Hakatea in the South of Nuku Hiva. Perfectly sheltered, this bay offers a splendid white sand beach.

A past filled with legends

A past filled with legends

From there, you will begin your excursion along the river, in the heart of the lush tropical vegetation, until you get to a 300-meter high waterfall.

Before arriving there, you will enjoy the sublime surrounding landscapes and their large forests strewn with Mea’ E (ancient sacred open air Marquesan temple), Paepae (platforms), their long rivers in which fresh water prawns, eels and other fresh water species live harmoniously.

You will then have your afternoonat leisure; and you will be able to relax on Hakatea beach and go for a dip in this dreamy surrounding.

The beautiful Nuku Hiva

The beautiful Nuku Hiva

An excursion in the Valley of Hatiheu

Aboard a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you will discover the indisputable beauty of the site.

On your way, you will enjoy the extraordinary view on the bay of Taiohae, on the Valley of Taipivai famous thanks to the writer Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick and also the book « Taipi ».

You will also visit many restored archaeological sites –  a real flashback into the past when sacred ceremonies where celebrated there.

For lunch, Yvonne, an inhabitant of the valley will cordially welcome you and will invite you to share a real Marquesan marvellously cooked feast. In the afternoon, you will visit the Hikokua site and meet the craftsmen and wood-carvers of Hatiheu on your way back.

Wonderful historical sites

Wonderful historical sites