The dog track

Polynesian Legend

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Huahine, the island of women par excellence has several legends. One of the most beautiful is that of the dog’s track which can be seen on a rock…

Once upon a time in Raiatea, lived a beautiful young woman called Hina. Mother Nature had given her everything: grace, beauty, intelligence and kindness. One day, Hina met a young fisherman with whom she fell in love. They got engaged and announced rapidly their wedding date.

Her fiancé gave her a splendid gift: a marvellous pearl necklace that was of such perfection and size that it had never been seen in all of Polynesia. They were black and shined with a thousand sparkles around the queen’s neck who swore she would never take it off for all the gold in the world. Hina was very touched by this gesture and by the wonder she had just received, but she decided all the same to wear the necklace only when their union would have been proclaimed. In the mean time, she had it watched by guardians day and night.

One day, during an audience with her subjects, Hina refused an unjustified request of Hiro, the King of robbers. Hiro, one of Hina’s former suitors felt humiliated and was filled with hatred and anger towards her. In order to get revenge, he seized Hina’s well kept jewels and then went to Huahine.

When she heard the news, the queen was very sad and guessed quickly who was behind this abominable action: the terrible Hiro. She decided to send the most impressive dogs after the criminal, a dog with great force and an extraordinary sense of smell.

The animal went towards the edge of the water, its muzzle already pointing in Huahine’s direction, where Hiro believed he was safe. He had hidden the necklace under an impressive stone, thinking that nobody would be clever enough to find his hiding-place, before rejoining his father. He didn’t count on the queen’s big dog quickly finding the splendid necklace. Very quickly, the dog stopped at the place where Hiro had hidden the invaluable jewels, and, as if he were marking the precise place where the treasure had been hidden, he put his heavy paw on the stone. This paw print made it possible for Hina to take possession of her necklace again and to marry her beloved Fiancé…