Polynesian Legend

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Project Description

Maupiti, the secret island, is happy to share with you one of the most beautiful legends, Ninahere…

At the time of the Polynesian Gods, lived Paahonu vahine, goddess of Raiatea. Her fiancé had left her for a war on the Cook Islands and she was all alone. Unhappy and tired of waiting for him, Paahonu vahine decided to run away and to go to the island of Maupiti to sulk there. She left on a shark. Once she arrived, she became acquainted with the warrior of the island, Ninahere.

However, her fiancé found out about this affair and put a curse on her according to which if another man touched her, she would be transformed into a fish. He also ordered two guards to watch his beloved. The goddess was saddened by this news and left her warrior in Maupiti and could not approach him again.

Ninahere was unaware of all of this and was unhappy to see that his beloved princess, fled from him. In tears, he fell down in despair on the beach of Tereia in Maupiti where they regularly met, leaving the print of his penis and knees in the sand.

(Source : Tahiti Heritage)