Project Description

Unforgettable romantic journeys

Pleasure by two

Pleasure by two

Looking for a romantic escapade ? Tahiti and Her Islands is the perfect place to unwind and reconnect.

Any itinerary is an opportunity for a dream to come true.
Tahiti Nui Travel will deliver the experience of the islands only provided by the Masters: private dinner on a desert island with serenade, sunset cruise for two on a yacht, helicopter scenic flight over Bora Bora, breakfast feet in the water…. Just to name a few…

Tahiti and Her Islands is also a place for amazing discoveries:
Unlock the secrets of the valleys of the mountainous islands of the Society, watch sharks evolve in the lagoons of Bora Bora, visit the sacred eels of Huahine, witness the birth of a black pearl in the Tuamotu, or swim among schools of fish in the lagoon of Rangiroa… these are just a sample of activities not to be missed or to select at your client’s leisure.