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Eating out in Tahiti & Her Islands

Refine cuisine

Refine cuisine

The Polynesian convivial state of mind testifies to the “joie de vivre” in our islands; a friendliness which is in our Cuisine Art.

Thus, in French Polynesia there are various ways of getting something to eat and the large majority of the establishments are located on Tahiti.

All kinds of restaurants are settled on the island, offering French, Italian, Asian and American cuisine…

A real mixture of flavours for your taste buds’ pleasure.

The restaurants serve until around 9 or 10pm according to the establishment.

Regarding the tips, they do not exist in our islands; service is included in the prices. However this gesture is well appreciated. It’s up to you !

A nice atmosphere

A nice atmosphere

The “snacks” are also much appreciated by Polynesians. Such local mini-restaurants, they generally offer sandwiches called “casse-croûtes” prepared in a Polynesian style. They are not very dietetic but are really very delicious. Big and copious, they are enough for any quick takeaway.

These “snacks” also offer takeaway dishes, generally Chinese or fish prepared in various manners (sashimi, raw fish with coconut milk, Tartar). These “snacks” are only open during the day.

Definitively a “must” during your stay in French Polynesia – the “roulottes” are a specificity of our islands. They are almost everywhere but the 2 main spots in Tahiti are Vaiete Place (square) in Papeete and Ta’aone in Pirae. Dishes from all horizons are served: Asian, European, you will even find « crêperies »…
The "roulottes" in Vaiete

The « roulottes » in Vaiete

The “roulottes” are the place par excellence to order a succulent “Fried Chicken or Steak with butter and sauce” – the butter is mixed with garlic and parsley, and the sauce is barbecue. When the mixture melts on the French fries and meat or chicken it is very tasty…

Chao Men will certainly be the second dish on the Best Of list. Asian delicacies are much appreciated by Polynesians, Chao Men is prepared with vegetables and/or meat (chicken in general), all of it is then sautéed in large a wok and served on cooked Chinese noodles. What a treat!
It is also possible to have roasted fresh fish, pizza, salads, vegetables, etc. The “roulottes” generally welcome you from 6pm until 10pm; however some await the night birds and serve until 3 or 4am in the morning.
The tasty odours from the open kitchens of the Polynesian “roulottes” will make your mouth water … Enjoy!