A Polynesian Cuisine Experience

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The Polynesian cuisine experience

… and its diversity

Picniking with friends

Picniking with friends

The Polynesian conviviality testifies of the “joie de vivre” in these islands, and this conviviality implies the the art of the table.

Polynesians are gourmets for whom everything deserves to be celebrated by a good “ma’a” (meal). Every event is an occasion to cook and to savour various dishes born from the diversity of the culinary cultures in our islands.

Great feasts to enjoy in family, with friends, or with your beloved one !

The “Roulottes” of Tahiti and Her Islands


The “Roulottes” of Vaiete

Genuinely a must-do during your stay in Polynesia, the “Roulottes” are located almost everywhere in our islands. The two main spots in Tahiti are at Vaiete Place – located in Papeete, and at Ta’aone Place – in Pirae.

Dishes from all horizons are served: Asian, European, you will even find french pancakes dedicated “roulottes”…
But the “Roulottes” are the place par excellence to order a “Chicken or Steak with a sauce, butter and french fries” – the butter is mixed with garlic and parsley, and the sauce is barbecue. When the mixture melts on the french fries and meat or chicken it is very tasty…
Chao Men will certainly be the second dish on the Best Of list.
It is also possible to have fresh roasted fish, pizza, salads, vegetables.

Everyone will find the perfect dish.

At the Marukafé in Mahina

At the Marukafé in Mahina

At the Marukafé in Mahina

This friendly snack bar located in Mahina has a very varied midday and evening menu which is based on fresh fish caught in the lagoons and/or offshore, and served raw as well as grilled.

The manageress, Gloria – a Polynesian woman who has lived in the United States of America knows how to combine Polynesian and American delicacies which make the Marukafé an essential address on the East coast.

You will be able to taste there the famous raw fish dish in its coconut milk, sashimi, Carpaccio, tartars, duos or trios of fish which will delight your taste buds as will the meat dishes and the desserts.

The dishes there are copious, the staff is very helpful and the surroundings are pleasant thanks to the typical Polynesian setting. Do not forget to reserve !

At Louise’s in Taha’a

The famous Polynesian raw fish

The famous Polynesian raw fish

In Taha’a, a trip to “Louise’s” is a must-do. She has been serving the best meals on the island for more than 13 years. Louise is a very friendly and jovial woman. She will make your experience a unique one.

Seafood is the house speciality, but of course she would be more than happy to whip something else up if you are allergic.
Everything is “home-made”, this lagoon experience is for families and is authentically Polynesian. It is Bill Gates favourite place to eat in Taha’a !

Facing the island of Bora Bora, order “the Marina menu” which includes a half lobster, curry shrimps, and a choice of grilled fish or crab, served with Tahitian-style raw fish and rice. It is guaranteed, you will not regret it!

New Te Marara in Huahine

Wonderful Polynesian dishes

Wonderful Polynesian dishes

Wherever you are staying in Huahine, Te Marara will be always be recommended.

With its great reputation from both the island’s inhabitants and its visitors, the New Te Marara serves grills, salads, French and Chinese dishes, all in an open and kind atmosphere which reflects the people of Huahine. Kiki and her team will be happy to welcome you for lunch (11am to 14pm) and/or dinner (of 6pm til 9pm).

It is recommended to reserve in advance.
The house speciality is fried Mahi Mahi with coconut pulp.

Everyone says how good it is !

The Maikai Marina & Yacht Club in Bora Bora

The last place to visit on the East coast of Bora Bora is certainly the Maikai Marina & Yacht Club.

As it has just moved to the old site of the Top Dive restaurant, the Maikai Marina & Yacht Club is the perfect place to meet the locals in a relaxing place.

Either for a drink, lunch, or dinner, you now know the place to go in Bora Bora.

The Maikai Marina & Yacht Club in Bora Bora

The Maikai Marina & Yacht Club in Bora Bora

The Polynesian breakfast


A medley of exotic fruits

A medley of exotic fruits

It is said that for breakfast we must eat like a king, something which Polynesians understood a long time ago.
The Tahitian breakfast brings together an incredible range of colours and flavours.

A must-eat is the famous Tahitian-style raw fish in coconut milk…
Then comes a whole range of local fritters made from flour and coconut milk called Firi Firi, of cakes made from local fruit (bananas, coconut, pineapple), fruit jams vanilla scented, without forgetting the good old baguette which is obligatory with all meals.

Platters full of local fruit like bananas, papayas, pineapple, grapefruits, and mangoes; and fruit juices are also available.

As if it was not enough, breakfast wouldn’t be Polynesian without the famous “pu’a rôti ” (roast pork); and fried fish.