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The quiet Australes

The quiet Australes

Rimatara is surrounded by a coral barrier and has a quite shallow lagoon with a unique passageway through which only canoes can enter.

The nature is still quite pure here and ornithology lovers will discover a unique species: the Ura or Khul’s Lories with its iridescent plumage.

Rimatara has 3 villages: Amaru, Anapoto, and Mutuaura where the people live off agriculture and weaving…

3 times per month, the cargo liner Tuhaa Pae II drop passengers and goods off on the island using small boats.

Rimatara has neither shops or restaurants but is nonetheless a small welcoming and friendly haven of peace which you will discover through visits of archaeological sites, excursions to Motu (white sand islets) and hiking.

Rimatara is a quiet refuge for the adventurer within you !