The Kia Ora Sauvage

The Luxury Of Freedom In Rangiroa

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Project Description

The Kia Ora Sauvage is one of the precursors of Tahiti and Her Islands to have enabled modern-day Robinson Crusoes to enjoy unique moments in a world of heavenly nature that will take your breath away.

An hour boat trip away from the Kia Ora Resort & Spa hotel, the Kia Ora Sauvage is nestled on one of the many Motu (white sand islets) of Rangiroa. It has a restaurant-bar and 5 bungalows – true Polynesian works of art, entirely renovated and comfortable.

Ideal for a honeymoon, a romantic journey, a quiet stay… the wild Kia Ora gives you the opportunity to fulfil your dreams and to be alone at the end of the earth.

The charm of this hotel combined with the crystalline water of the famous lagoon of Rangiroa guarantees an absolute change of scene in the heart of marvellously immaculate nature…

Let these fabulous activities entertain you ! Go fishing with the locals, swim among the marine fauna and flora of Rangiroa, go for a picnic on another Motu (white sand islet), etc.
And once the sun has set, the vast starry sky invites you to a magical show of stars.
The Kia Ora Sauvage or the pure happiness of being in Polynesia !

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