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The Tahitian Black Pearl

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Project Description

Pearls of Tahiti & Her Islands

Pearls of Tahiti & Her Islands

The Tahitian black pearl – queen of the Polynesian sea-bed jewels, makes women dream all around the world.

The legend reveals that the Tahitian black pearl is a gift to Polynesians from the God of war and fertility called Oro.

All the beauty, magic and splendour of Tahiti and Her Islands’ seas are concentrated in this jewel – a harmonious mixture of the animal and mineral world.

The Polynesian mother-of-pearl – mother of the Tahitian black pearl, has to be treated with ability and patience to be rewarded by such a splendid treasure. Indeed, it has to be in a stress-free environment, and most importantly in a calm and healthy lagoon which is favourable to its development.

The Tahitian black pearl is a cultured pearl which requires men to intervene in what is more commonly called a graft.

The Tahitian black pearl is a strong emblem of the Polynesian richness. A museum in Papeete is dedicated to this jewel, in order for everyone to get to know its genesis, its history and its culture techniques. The magic around the pearl is kept thanks to the mysterious aura surrounding it.

Incredible treasures

Incredible treasures