Exclusive Wedding Ceremony on Tupai

Exclusive Wedding Ceremony on Tupai 2017-01-02T11:21:06+00:00

Project Description

Exclusive Wedding Ceremony on Tupai


The Sacrement of Nature…To an exceptional wedding, an exceptional day…

Lovers will seal their union in a unique place, free of artifice, with a purity of colors that only Mother Nature can offer: Tupai, the heart of Polynesia.

Dressed up for the occasion, they will fly to the small deserted open heart-shaped atoll  for an unforgettable ceremony:

Red carpet as they descend from the helicopter, they will exchange their vows in complete privacy on a beach of fine sand with just the turquoise lagoon and the shade of the coconut palms as witnesses.

After a few Champagne bubbles, they will leave this unspoiled paradise …

And so that the Magic does not stop, back to their hotel, dancers and musicians will welcome them around a wedding cake and Champagne.

Just the two of them, their couple only: they will savor each instant of this day – our professional photographer will be in charge of immortalizing their memories.