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Project Description

Discovering The Islands Of Tahiti

The Polynesian experience starts as soon as the plane lands on the tarmac of the International airport of Tahiti-Faa’a.

A different climate, a warm welcome, this is how a great adventure in our islands begins…

 The Polynesian culture

Tahiti and Her Islands offer innumerable treasures whether they are natural, historical or cultural. Perfectly melt together; they constitute a bunch of surprising local specificities. From the Ancestral times to the period of the great explorers and the Christian missionaries’ right up to the modernisation of the Polynesian society, Tahiti and Her Islands has kept its priceless treasures from generation to generation. Among them, Polynesian festivities, sports and art are to be discovered.


Eating out

Eating out in The Islands Of  Tahiti   Refine cuisine The Polynesian convivial state of mind testifies to the “joie de vivre” in our islands; a [...]



Local products highlighted Polynesians are also gourmets for whom everything deserves to be celebrated by a good “ma'a” (meal). Spit-roast veal wit [...]


Daily life

Downtown Papeete Daily life Life in French Polynesia is much quieter than in a wide country… though in Tahiti and more particularly in its capital, [...]