Heiva I Tahiti 2016

Heiva I Tahiti 2016

Still a promising program

The cultural event we have all been eagerly awaiting takes place this year between June 30 and July 23.

Each year, renowned dance troupes & novices alike will light up Papeete’s Place Toata with the hypnotic sounds of the to’ere and pahu (Polynesian percussion instruments). No less than 45 chant and dance groups will perform during the 10 nights of shows, with a grand finale in the form of the Soirée des Lauréats party dedicated to the winners on July 22. And like last year, an additional party will be dedicated to 2nd and 3rd prize winners, who are often also the fan favorites.
These parties are not to be missed!

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Watch the trailer of the Heiva I Tahiti 2015:

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