NEW! The Big Jump in the Blues

NEW! The Big Jump in the Blues

Attention adrenaline-lovers: after aerial acrobatics, the Fenua is getting into free fall!

After a 15-minute theoretical training on the basics of parachuting, climb to 3000 meters above Moorea and experience the intensity of Skydiving: about 40 seconds of pure pleasure at nearly 200 km/h in a tandem parachute with your instructor, followed by 5 to 7 minutes of flying in the gentle Polynesian air, parachute open.

Expect a soft landing thanks to the expertise of your instructor, whose sole concern is providing you with this new sensory experience while keeping you completely safe.

The only question is… airplane or helicopter? The choice is yours when you leave from Moorea, and by helicopter only (for the moment) from Bora Bora. Rates & conditions for the helicopter option available upon request.

Be careful though.. the biggest risk is getting addicted to it!

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